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A Southern View of History: The War for Southern Independence, The Other side of the Coin.

SCV Camp #674, in Moultrie Georgia, put together an outstanding educational review of the War Between the States from the Southern perspective.
It is available here.

Educational DVD for schoolsMaricopa Community Colleges logo
Camp 1708 has provided this Educational DVD to:
Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Estrella Mountain Community College; GateWay Community College; Glendale Community College; Mesa Community College; Paradise Valley Community College; Phoenix Community College; Rio Salado Community College; Scottsdale Community College; and the South Mountain Community College all in Maricopa County Arizona.

The MCC Libraries are used by both the college students of each school, the local citizens where each of the ten campuses are located, and the  inter-library loan system in Arizona.

2017 Education Presentation

John Rogers and Larry Hammack

In October 2017 Camp Adjutant John Rogers (l) and Camp Lt. Commander Larry Hammack (r) gave a presentation to the Dixie Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy that was very well received by the ladies there.

2017 School Programs

School program School program
Lt. Commander Larry Hammack on left and Adjutant John Rogers on right conducting school education programs at the Skyline D5 Casa Blanca, Gila River Indian Community, 5th graders on 5/12/17.

Camp presents an educational program

Relics layout
 John Rogers and Larry Hammack

Adjutant John Rogers, left, and Larry Hammack presented a program on 10/22/16 to the Dixie Chapter #1679 of the UDC.  As a part of the presentation, a number of relics of the Civil War were explained and displayed.  Thank you guys.

School Program and Genealogy Lesson

School program

Genelogy lesson
On Wednesday, 2 Dec. 2015, Larry Hammack provided a tour of Confederate and Union gravesites at the Tempe Double Butte Cemetery to members of Mrs. Johnson's class (above) at the Tempe Aspire Academy.  Students selected grave stones to do rubbings of and will research them for individual reports to the class.

On the left, Compatriot Hammack supervising a rubbing of the grave stone of Sgt. Albert W. Austin from Texas.  Larry serves the Camp as the Graves Registrar.

Grave stone rubbings help genealogists and others read deteriorated grave stone information.

Presentation to the Dixie Chapter, UDC

UDC presentationUDC presentation
Larry Hammack and John Rogers made a presentation on the cause of the Civil War to the Dixie Chapter of the UDC on 31 October 2015.  The ladies thought the presentation was excellent.

2015 School program

Connoly Middle School presentation Connoly Middle School presentation Connoly Middle School presentation

On Tuesday, 20 October, Larry Hammack and John Rogers (left and right above) made a presentation to Ms. Vanessa Johnson 6th and 7th grade students at the Connolly Middle School.  Some of the students are shown in the middle picture.  Thanks, everyone, for helping tomorrows leaders have a better understanding of the Civil War.

2011 Middle School Program on the Civil War

Skyline Middle School Program, Gila River

On the right, Larry Hammack is shown presenting a Middle School program on the Civil War on Friday, 9/23/2011, at the Skyline Gila River D5 Middle School.  The camp had a display of artifacts, and presented the program with re-enactors Larry and Carter Powers.  Both of whom did a fine job and the program was well received by the kids.

Below left are shown some of the students attending the presentation.  Below on the right is Carter Powers listening intently to a student's question.

Gila River school picture #2Gila River school picture #3

A reporter from the Gila River Indian News (GRIN) also attended and took pictures for their newspaper.  See below for newspaper article.

Gila River Indian News

Elementary School Programs

Wilfire Elementary School program Wildfire Elementary School

Camp 1708 presented a program on The War Between The States (Civil War) to approximately 150 third grade students at the Wildfire Elementary School in Paradise Valley.  Camp Members Larry Hammack, Bookard Dooley, Ron Fox, and Commander Marc Fentress participated.    On the left is Ron Fox in Yankee gear and Larry Hammack in the bottom left corner.  Bookard Dooley is on the right.

Edu-Prize school program 
Camp 1708 Frequently Provides School Programs for various grade levels.

On Sept. 15, 2011, Larry Hammack gave talk to 5th and 6th graders at the Edu-Prize School, Gilbert, AZ, on the War between the States in the Southwest.  Students asked a lot of questions and the program was well received.

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